About United Learning Partners

United Learning Partners

United Learning Partners offers course titles from many technology vendors including Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Citrix, CompTIA and many more. If you do not find the course you need, simply submit an information request and we'd be happy to locate the class and present your options to you. Avoid the hassle of cancelled classes.

By working together, ULP partners have combined forces to deliver high quality instruction where you want it, when you want it... and all are Guaranteed-to-run classes! Best Instructors = Best Results!

Has your travel budget been reduced recently? Our training is primarily delivered live and online by top-rated instructors. Take ULP courses from the comfort of your own home or office, save on travel and get the exact same quality instruction.

You still, however, may choose to attend a course in person if you wish. Either way, the learning experience is guaranteed to be excellent!